The Seven Circles Foundation is an educational organization established to promote and support spiritual practices based on the ancient ways of Native American Indigenous People. The Foundation brings these practices to the community at large to improve the quality of life for all.

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There are many paths to the Creator. We call our spiritual path the “Red Road.” The sacred pipe is acknowledged. There are different views on the pipe; this one is mine.

All Indian ceremonies are Earth ceremonies. The ceremonies are a gift from the Creator as we honor the Earth and our Mother. These gifts are meant to be shared by all of the Creator’s children.


Our Red Road as a way for life is to listen to our sacred Elders rather than talk at them. It is to offer each step under our Sun as a sacred dance for life.

Our Red Road as a way for life is to just simply “be”—in harmony with all living beings, as they are our relatives.

Ceremonies and Events

There are monthly sweat lodges and various other ceremonies that come up throughout the year. Check out the calendar to find a lodge or ceremony near you in the SF Bay Area.